Personal history statement

I, Dushenko Vyacheslav Vladimirovich, was born on 1 October 1970 in Moscow city. 

My grandfather and grandmother lived together with my parents in Preobrazhenskaya square.  My parents worked much, and my grandfather – the veteran of the Great Patriotic War – often told me stories about goodness and evil.  From my childhood he taught me such values which I consider the main values nowadays.

My grandmother took me for a walk to the park and sometimes she visited the Church of the Prophet Elijah in Cherkizov that is on the hill between the pond and Lokomotiv stadium.  After some time I began to play soccer in Lokomotiv stadium. 

After graduation of my third grade at school our family moved to Golyanovo, and I began to attend the school No.368.  Of course, I have my bright memories about the school.  I remember our Director – Mrs. Kuchtinskaya Alla Sergeevna.  She always could find right arguments for students and their parents. 

After moving I began to learn and practice freestyle wrestling in “Labor reserves” in Schelkovskaya street.  My coach, Mr. Khankarov Sergei Yurievich, now runs “Vityaz” club which my elder son attends now. 

After my school graduation I entered the Moscow Energetic Institute as a student of the evening department in Aviamotornaya street.  And I also started to work at the factory in Presnya.  Perhaps, I was very active person because I was elected as a Secretary of a local Komsomol Cell after half a year. 

In 1988 I joined the army in the Far East.  My military specialization is a coder. 

Having returned in 1991 I decided to serve my country and started to work in the Moscow militia though times then were difficult and many ex-sportsmen found themselves to be on the other side of the law.  Practically I chose the criminal investigation office from the very beginning. 

In 1998 I graduated from the Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. 

During my service I went through all steps starting from the Junior Special Agent in the Department in Taganka and finishing with the Head of the Counter-terror department in Petrovka. 

For fifteen years of my service I was repeatedly awarded with the state and government awards.  In addition I was heavily injured during execution of duty in Moscow and got contusion in Grozny.  I am the veteran of combat operations. 

In 2007 I made a deliberate decision to enter the Just Russia Party.  And in 2010 was elected as a head in the local party organization in Golyanovo.  At the same time I entered the Election Commission with a right of the deciding vote.

What is next – will see.  I consider myself an Orthodox Christian.  I am married and I bring up six children.  God helps him who helps himself.